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Mid States Hockey

Information About Parkway South Hockey

The Parkway South Patriots Hockey Club has been operating since the early 1980’s.  Enhanced by quality coaches, talented players and dedicated parents, Parkway South Hockey has represented the school and community in an exemplary manner.

Since rejoining the Mid States Hockey Club Association, the Patriots captured Mid States titles in both 1994 and 1995, and in 2020 taking the Founder’s Cup Championship! The 2022-2023 season was one for the books. We were the Suburban Conference Champions and made it to the elite 8 in the Challenge Cup. We had the top-scoring player in the entire league (props to Brendan Foshee, class of 2023), and the 5th highest fan attendance in MidStates. Our fans sure are something else!

The Patriot program has evolved into an organization with a well-deserved reputation as a class act; a hard-playing, well-disciplined program that is always competitive.  This is due in great part to individuals; coaches, volunteers, and parents who care enough to give their time to the players and club.

The Parkway South Hockey Club has Varsity team, JV, and a B Team. The success starts with the B team.  The B league plays around 20 games during the season and is designed to have a basic introduction to high school hockey, and implement skill training and player development.  The goal of the Junior Varsity team is to provide valuable experience for future Varsity players.  The Varsity team is composed of varsity and swing players, plays a 20-game league schedule, one tournament, and the most exciting part of high school hockey, the Mid States playoffs.  The Patriots have had great success with multiple division titles, tournament championships, state tournament appearances, and three state championships.

We also have one of the best student groups in the St. Louis area! Our Patriot Posse supports our team and continuously shows up for games to cheer on the players. Our players appreciate the support and have said the support of the Posse is one of their favorite high shool hockey memories.

As a club, we do not feel that success is measured only in victories.  It is important to remember that during the club’s 30+ year history, hundreds of players have been given an opportunity to proudly represent their school, learning the value of hard work while forming life-long memories.  We salute the impressive achievements of our student-athletes.  The ability to excel in the classroom while competing for Parkway South Hockey demonstrates a high level of discipline and commitment to excellence.

We look forward to each new season and wish to thank our parents and fans for their continuing support.  We especially thank all the members of our enthusiastic and dedicated coaching staff.